Granite is the natural choice for those who want the very best for their kitchen. Not only is it easy to maintain, it is very hard to scratch or burn.

We have our own specialist Granite Workshop with the capability to create that special finishing touch to your kitchen.

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Granite Kitchen Surfaces


Granite worktop

Granite worktop

Granite worktop


Granite is tough– one of the hardest materials, it is far harder that marble.
Granite is extremely durable and lasts many years.
Granite is scratch and heat resistant, keeps it’s colour and is easy to clean


Granite is a stone that defies time

Is an igneous rock formed 750 million to 3 billion years ago after molten magma cooled in the earth’s crust.

Granite is a fully natural product. It is quarried, cut to size, polished and will finally be fitted in your kitchen.

We choose the best granites from quarries all over the world to give you an extensive selection of most fascinating natural colours.

Granite has a timeless beauty

A solid granite worktop will add quality and style to any kitchen.

Its distinctive surface will provide a durable and exceptionally heatproof surface, a quality unrivalled by wood, veneers and other man-made products.

Man-made materials just cannot match the unique colour, character and beauty of granite.